Cat                               $19.95 per night
Dog 0–25 lbs               $21.95 per night
Dog 26–50 lbs             $23.95 per night
Dog 51–100 lbs           $25.95 per night
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $27.95 per night
Medication fee                             $2.50

Day Boarding  Fee

Cat                               $1.00   per night
Dog 0–25 lbs               $1.00   per night
Dog 26–50 lbs             $1.50   per night
Dog 51–100 lbs           $2.00   per night
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $2.50   per night

Boarding is when your pet stays at our facility under the care and supervision of our staff when you need. We make sure that your pet gets proper attention, along with being fed, watered, and even medicated if necessary. If your pet has never boarded anywhere before, we do recommend letting them try it for just a night or two to see how they do. It is a change to an environment that they are used to, with new people and different smells and sounds. Some pets love new things and learn to enjoy it, while for others; it may not be the best choice. You are welcome to call and speak to our staff if you have further questions, and you can even come tour our facility. We are here to assist you in making the right decision for your companion.​

121  Animal  Hospital

Cat                               $11.95 per day
Dog 0–25 lbs               $11.95 per day
Dog 26–50 lbs             $13.95 per day
Dog 51–100 lbs           $15.95 per day
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $17.95 per day

Medication fee                            $2.50

Boarding Rates

Boarding Diet Fee

Your  Pets  Come First