Pet Boarding: The Difference Between Boarding Facilities and Kennels

We know that pet owners consider their pets as much more than convenient companions–they are truly important members of the family. Pets enhance our lives, and our physical, mental and emotional health, in many different ways. It is therefore easy to understand why we have such a difficult time leaving our pets when we need to go out of town. In fact, whenever it’s prudent and possible, we may try to bring our pets with us. However, it is not always possible, or wise, to bring our pets with us when we travel, and so we must arrange care for them while we are away.

One of the main ways that pet owners can secure care for their pets while they are away is through boarding facilities. Unfortunately, many pet owners consider boarding facilities to be much the same as kennels, which they feel are an inappropriate and unacceptable solution for pet care.

It’s true that the terms “pet boarding” and “pet kennels” are sometimes used synonymously, but in truth there is a marked difference between these two types of facilities, especially in how they are set up and arranged, how pets are supervised or cared for and who is supervising or caring for the pets, among other things. Knowing their differences can help pet owners feel much more secure in leaving their pet at a professional boarding facility while they are away.

Pet Kennels: The Basics

Pet kennels are designed to house pets for a specific and short period of time. The design and size of the kennels are normally based on what types of pets are meant to stay there, and for exactly how long. Veterinarians have kennels in their offices to hold pets for several hours or at most a couple days, groomers have kennels to hold pets for several hours between drop-off and pick-up and while they’re not being groomed, and some pet stores may have kennels to hold pets that are for sale or adoption.

Pet kennels are safe locations for pets who need to spend a short time in a confined space. They are not considered to be healthy environments for pets to spend more than a few hours at a time in, especially since they aren’t very large or comfortable. Pets in kennels don’t receive much supervision or care, and often times the individuals monitoring them are not well-trained or experienced in matters of pet health care (the obvious exception being veterinary offices). Again, the reason for this is that their stay in the kennel is not the main purpose of their visit to that location, but rather a necessary part of their visit.

Pet Boarding: The Basics

Pet boarding facilities are also designed to house pets for a specific period of time, but the difference is that they are meant to house pets in a way that makes the pet feel happy, comfortable and well-cared for. To this end, pet boarding facilities normally have larger spaces for pets to stay in, rather than the smaller cages at pet kennels, and they provide more comforting services to the pet throughout their stay–such as soft bedding, toys, outdoor play time, interaction with humans and other pets and more.

Whereas kennels essentially establish temporary holding locations for pets who are at the location for a specific service, pet boarding facilities work hard to treat pets like they are important and well-loved family members. A pet’s stay at the boarding facility is the entire purpose of their visit, and so the facility staff are well-trained and experienced in providing them with the absolute best care possible. They are carefully monitored around-the-clock for the entirety of their stay, and their every need and desire is tended to.

Frisco Pet Boarding

At 121 Animal Hospital and Boarding, we treat your pet as if they are one of our own. We are not content with simply providing them with a place to stay while you are away, but rather make the effort to ensure that they are as happy and healthy as can be. We know that even the most anxious or fearful pet can relax and be comfortable if they receive the care and attention they need and deserve.

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