About 121 Animal Hospital Pet Boarding

121 Animal Hospital’s pet boarding facility is manned by full-time, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff who provide pets with the absolute best care possible during their stay, including through weekends and holidays. As the boarding facility is connected to our pet hospital, boarding pets can receive veterinary care when and if necessary, and any medications that need to be administered will be administered by properly trained and experienced individuals.

In order to reduce the spread of any potential airborne viruses, each wing of the boarding facility has a separate heating and A/C system. Dogs board in spacious runs that include clean, comfy, raised beds, and are walked four times each day in large yards that offer plenty of cool shade throughout hot summer days. A group playtime option is also available for those qualified pets who may benefit from and enjoy this additional feature. For their comfort and safety, cats board in an area separated from the dogs, in kitty condos that yield entertaining views of the outdoors and a fish tank. Bathing and grooming services are also available, if desired.

Pet owners are well aware of the wonderful physical and emotional benefits that come from sharing their lives with a furry companion. It’s certainly true that pets can add great joy and pleasure to our lives, even though they are also a great responsibility.

A major part of our responsibility toward our pets is ensuring that they are provided with the basics they need in order to remain healthy and happy, and this includes providing a proper diet, sufficient exercise and good health care. This demands daily actions, which we are only too happy to provide under normal circumstances, when we are at home. But what about the times when we aren’t home?

Understanding Pet Boarding

There are several different kinds of expected and unexpected circumstances that may pull us away from our home, including vacations, illness or injury and family emergencies. However, regardless of whether the circumstances are planned or unplanned and of short or long duration, one of our primary concerns is how our pets can continue to receive the care they deserve and need while we are gone.

It can be stressful to many pet owners to consider leaving their pet behind, but the fact is that it can also be incredibly stressful to both pet owners and their pets for them to make trips together. Desired airlines and hotels may have pet restrictions, the pet may become overly stressed and ill during travel or the pet may even become fearful and run away. In some cases taking one’s pet with them when they leave their home may not even be an option at all.

Many individuals try to work out having a friend or neighbor care for their pets in their absence. This may work for some individuals, especially where the friend or neighbor is diligent and caring, but a lack of proper knowledge and training can sometimes result in undesirable conditions–such as accidental pet injury or illness. Furthermore, the interruptions of schedule caused by weekends and holidays can contribute to unintended, inconsistent care, which is not healthy for the pet. Fortunately, pet boarding can solve all these problems.

There are approximately 9,000 pet boarding facilities in the United States and Canada, and they are used by approximately 30,000,000 pet owners annually. While there are certainly differences in how each of these facilities are operated, the breeds of animals they cater to and even the extra services they provide, the basic goal of these facilities are generally the same: to provide competent care and safety to pets while their owners are away, thereby creating happy, healthy pets and satisfied owners.

Finding Home Away From Home

We understand that your pet is an important part of your family, and that leaving them behind for any reason and any length of time can be difficult and stressful to consider. By providing your pet with a healthy, happy and safe boarding experience, we hope to alleviate any concerns you may have about leaving your pet behind. At 121 Animal Hospital and Boarding, we hope to provide your pet with the best home away from home.

For more information about our pet boarding, please contact us today.