Pet Boarding: Myths and Facts

Despite the fact that there are many wonderful pet boarding facilities in existence today, it is still not unusual for some pet owners to consider that boarding their pet is not unlike mandating a short prison sentence for their pet. They imagine cold, dark, small kennel cages, bugs and other pests running rampant, and ill pets spreading germs and disease. Fortunately, professional boarding facilities couldn’t be more different from this bleak picture.

Boarding Myths and Facts

No pet owner relishes the idea of spending time away from their home and their pets, but there are various circumstances in life that make this a necessity. It is both your right and your responsibility to ensure that your pet receives the absolute best care possible while you are away. This means that you need to be well-informed about what pet care options are available to you, and then make the best possible choice for you and your pet. To that end, it’s time to dispense with some of the myths about pet boarding, and learn the facts.

Myth #1: My pet will most likely get ill in a boarding facility.

Facts: It’s true that boarding facilities take in multiple pets at a time, and that these pets share many community spaces. It’s also true that any pet can potentially become ill in any space at any time. However, this does not automatically mean that all pets will get ill at boarding facilities. First of all, pet owners are required to present documentation that proves their pet is up-to-date on all required immunizations. Second of all, the many different spaces of the boarding facility are rigorously and aggressively cleaned on a regular basis, and pets are provided with clean bedding where appropriate. Third of all, the environment is carefully regulated with good ventilation as well as air conditioning and heating where necessary, to keep it comfortable for pets and less germ-friendly. Finally, all boarding pets are carefully supervised around-the-clock throughout their stay so that if any pet has even the slightest symptom of illness or injury it can be immediately addressed and resolved.

Myth #2: My pet will be stuck in a cage all the time.

Facts: The kennels that you see at your veterinarian’s office or groomer may indeed be small cages, and your pet may spend a majority of their time at those facilities in that kennel cage, but a boarding facility has a completely different arrangement. Cats may have smaller “condos”, because they are content with this, but if they are friendly and sociable they may have the opportunity to get out and visit with other cats several times a day. Dogs have larger “runs”, with space to move around and a clean, comfortable bed to relax in. At 121 Animal Hospital’s Frisco boarding facility, dogs are taken out four times a day in order to relieve themselves and stretch their legs. Additionally, pet owners can sign their dogs up for socialization time so their dog can enjoy supervised play time with other friendly dogs.

Myth #3: My pet won’t receive the attention and love they need.

Facts: Pet boarding facilities actually provide pets with the opportunity to receive more attention and love than they would in typical pet sitting situations. Boarding facility staff spend time interacting with each pet, not only ensuring that they are healthy and comfortable, but also giving them the much-needed attention and love that they thrive on. Those pets that participate in supervised play time get the additional attention they love from other social, friendly pets.

Myth #4: My pet will miss me so much they will suffer.

Facts: Your pet will definitely miss you, there is just no arguing that. However, they will not suffer as a result of missing you if they are being cared for at a boarding facility. Chances are that time will actually fly faster for them because they will be busy, engaged and mentally stimulated during your absence. Their every need will be met, and they will not suffer your absence. There is the very rare exception–those pets who are so incredibly anxious and stressed by every new situation that boarding is simply not the best option for them–but pets who fall into this category truly are few and far between.

Feeling Confident About Your Pet’s Care

Professional pet boarding facilities, like 121 Animal Hospital’s Frisco boarding facility, are designed to treat your pet with the same love, compassion and care that you do. Our staff are trained and experienced in all aspects of proper animal care, and are truly dedicated to their job. The intention is to make your pet feel completely safe and happy during your absence, and we do everything possible to make it so.

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