I cannot sing the praises of Dr. Ali and the team at 121 Animal Hospital enough for the expert level of discernment and care they provided my dog Elsa in what could have been a life-threatening emergency surgery situation.

Dr. Ali wisely, calmly & thoroughly assessed my dog for a foreign body issue. Until recently I never knew how serious a dog ingesting something they shouldn’t could be, let alone the extreme complications that can and does lead to death during and after surgery if not properly and closely managed. My dog is a poor surgery candidate so Dr. Ali choose to quickly but wisely examine and priority test all other avenues before cutting her open. He did not waste time and choose each test in good functional order to protect her life. This decision was ideal to guard her from unnecessary surgery whereby putting more stress on her failing kidneys. Thankfully all the tests gave the Drs. involved a sense Elsa was out of danger and surgery was avoided.

I am incredibly thankful for Dr. Ali’s thoroughness and wisdom in protecting Elsa through this ordeal and I highly recommend this team of veterinarians and caregivers.
Carrie DeBord

Good local vet. It can get busy which means you wait a while for check in or check out. Dogs seems comfortable going there, and the vet and vet technician are friendly.
James Nunn

We take our Wheaten Terrier to be groomed here. They always do a great job and my dog is excited every time we return.
Kristen M

My cat was suffering with recurrent blockage of his urethra. His Regular Veterinarian, “known for being specialized in cats…”, recommended several treatments, but the problem wasn’t solved. I suspect this veterinarian was postponing the surgery because every time my cat was unblocked she overcharged me.

After the third time he was unblocked I decided to search on Google for a good new Veterinarian who would evaluate the situation and finally do the surgery. I found 121 Animal Hospital.

I called them to schedule an appointment and an estimate, the staff answered all my questions attentively. Next day I was there with my poor blocked cat. I didn’t want to pay for any other exam, so Dr. Ali requested to the previous Vet Clinic everything. Although he had the answers there was one doubt on where was the stone at that point, in the urethra, inside the bladder? So, he did an X-Ray and invited me to go inside the clinic to see the results showing me the stone. I felt I could trust in Dr. Ali Rohani, because his biggest concern was not the bill, but my cat’s life and well-being. He patiently explained every detail: how would be the surgery, risks, recovery and new diet.

My cat was left there for surgery in the morning and I picked him up in the same day. At night a staff called me to ask how my cat was. Next day Doctor Ali Rohani called and two days later he called again to make sure recovery was fine.

Those are the reasons why I am writing this review and recommend 121 Animal Hospital:
Availability to do the surgery,
Good staff giving information by phone (my accent is very strong and sometimes people don’t have patience)
Absolutely fair price for the procedure
Doctor’s Ali Rohani knowledge
Transparence in every detail
Recovery updates

Dr. Ali is the most skilled and thoughtful veterinarians I have ever met. He truly cares to give the best care for your pets.
Chris Brooks

Great place. Been taking my dog here for yrs. Saw sign out first for discount pet shots on sat. Visit and kept going back. Great customer service. Walking welcome. Prices r great. Go above and beyond.
Connie Wade

I owe my dogs life to 121 Hospital. 2 years ago he was having really bad grand mal seizures every 2 hours. I just turned 18 at the time too and I took him to 2 different vets and they did nothing to help me. I was thinking of the worst. I thought he was going to have to be put down. He was only 4 years old at the time. I finally gave one more place a shot and it was 121. They were able to stabilize him and monitor him with updates that were sent directly to me. When I went to pick him up they were very informative about his diagnostics and how things were going to be for the rest of his life. My dog has now been 2 years seizure free and is living life as a normal dog with medication to help control his seizures. If I did not go to 121 I’m sure other clinics would have just put him down. I would also like to mention that now my dog is a well trained ESA and if I haven’t gone to 121 then he surely would not be with me today.
Hannah Jones

My dog’s has been going here for a year and Half everyone’s friendly and the techs and doctors are very caring and attentive to my pet’s needs.
Karin Hyshaw

Today we had to put down my daughter’s sweet cat, Otis. He was only 3 months old but had the incurable PFP fatal for cats. Dr Rohani and Jacquelyn were the absolute kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. Even the front desk who knew what was going on was compassionate. I love this practice and would never take my pets anywhere else. While it was a heartbreaking, emotional event Dr Rohani was honest compassionate caring and patient as we held little Otis as he passed over the rainbow bridge. I cannot say enough about this terrific Animal hospital. You can be assured that your pet will receive the most thorough loving care ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Janis Warner

I can’t say enough about this place. Dr Ali Rohani has saved my dogs life too many times. All staff are amazing.
Nakisa Mirzaie

Dr. Ali is the best! It is always hard trying to find someone that you trust with your kids (fur babies), but Dr. Ali has always been fantastic. I live in Dallas, but I continue to drive to him because of his great experience and value. I have never felt that he was trying to get me to buy something I didn’t need or rip me off, and that is an amazing feeling. I completely trust him.
John O’Haugherty

Dr. Ali at 121 Animal Hospital in Frisco surgically repaired a compound fracture to the rear right leg of a kitten I pulled from one of the shelters. His fees were a third of what an orthopedic veterinarian would have charged.
Katrina Ruth

Have been coming to 121 Animal Hospital for the past few years and have always had a good experience. I have met with Dr Rohani and many of the other vets, they are all very nice and helpful. I don’t feel pressured or feel like someone is trying to sell to me. Each Vet I have met with is very informative and straight to the point. They always answer any questions I have and make sure everything is up to date in their record system.

The staff is typically nice and helpful…. I have mixed feelings after my last visit and have to assume it was just an off day. Normally the staff is bubbly and friendly, but my last visit it just seemed like everyone was ready to get off work. I did not meet with a Vet, just a technician as it was a routine Bordatella shot. I had to wait over 10 minutes for the technician to come to the room, then they took my dog back and were done in less than 5 minutes. When waiting to check out they were emptying trash and again trying to get out of there. This was at 4pm on a weekday. The technicians also usually call the next day to check up and that was not done. Hoping it was just an off day.
Amber W.

We love this office. We just moved in town and our previous vet was a great friend of ours, so it was hard to find someone we were comfortable with. The office is beautiful and the staff are very friendly. Dr. Ali invited us to take a tour of the office and the entire office environment is clean and as good as being in the comfort of home. Our DOG LOVES THIS PLACE, TOO.
Ihav E.